All the equipments produced by Espansione Group are not just the sum of different technologies. They improve every single action that leads to complete and extremely safe results.

The treatments are based on proven scientific protocols, designed and tested by our referring doctors.

Each technology produces an immediate effect, thanks to the synergy with Bycure products, by increasing exponentially each performance.


The tool that never gets old


We are technology manufacturers.

Since beauty industry technology is continuously evolving, we must be able to always offer the latest "trend" the market requires.

Our solution is: expandable and upgradable equipment, so free from the risk of obsolescence.

The dedicated software ensures the innovativeness and effectiveness of treatments.

Finally, a machine that grows alongside with you.

Each product by Espansione is designed and constructed to be updated and expanded over the years.

No other appliance offers such a complete and lasting solution over time.

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