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Do you have dry eyes?

An introduction to MGD/DED

—The Dry Eye Disease

Over 740 million people worldwide suffer from Dry Eye Disease (DED), yet most aren’t diagnosed.

In western countries, 1 out of 5 suffers from DED, above all women over 40 years old (>50%) and those in menopause (>90%). Early diagnosis is extremely important—early, appropriate treatment is best.

The Tear Film

The tear film, necessary to the functioning of the eye, is formed by three layers:

  • A mucous layer in contact with the eye globe, secreted by the conjunctival mucus cells.
  • An aqueous layer secreted by the lacrimal glands.
  • A lipid layer secreted by the Meibomian glands

What is Dry Eye Disease

The Dry Eye Disease is a disorder of the tear film due to a reduced production or excessive evaporation of tears, which causes damage to the exposed ocular surface, and is associated with a feeling of eye discomfort. Over 85% of DED cases is caused by Meibomian Glands Dysfunction (MGD). This occurs due to either the obstruction or malfunction of the Meibomian glands located in the eyelids, responsible for producing the lipid layer of the tears, resulting in excessive tear evaporation. When not working properly, they do not produce enough oil component in the tear film, so tears evaporate more rapidly. Insufficient or absent lipid layer can cause evaporation of the tear up to 16 times faster.

Dry Eye Disease Symptoms

These symptoms are often associated with Dry Eye Disease.

Occasional altered vision
Foreign body sensation
Eye redness
Discomfort body sensation

Dry Eye Risk Factors

The risk to incur in eye disease is majorly increased by the presence of any of these risk factors.

Allergic conjunctivitis
Hormonal imbalances
Use and abuse of eye cosmetics
Use of contact lenses
Chronic blepharitis
Age (especially after age 50)
Prolonged use of video terminals
Prolonged use of systemic drugs
Air pollution

Synergic Technologies

Light Modulation® LLLT is a unique, completely painless photobiomodulation technology employed in various fields of medicine (e.g., dermatology, dentistry). The emission of light at a specific wavelength triggers an endogenous heating of the eyelids. This treatment eases the spill of the tear film’s oily component from the Meibomian glands, stabilizing the lipid layer and providing immediate relief to the patient.

Optimal Power Energy® IPL is a polychromatic light that, thanks to thermal pulses, stimulates the Meibomian glands to resume normal activity. Applied to the periorbital and cheekbone areas, it stimulates contraction of the glands, increasing the lipid stream and reducing the evaporation of tears. It's used in conjunction to Light Modulation® LLLT to obtain optimal results.

Our Suggested Protocol

The treatment improves symptoms of the disease after only a few hours—providing immediate relief to the patient.

Thanks to the synergy of the two technologies, the Meibomian glands resume the production of lipids necessary to the eye’s functionality, managing Dry Eye Disease effectively.

The treatment is not painful, it lasts only a few minutes and allows for an immediate return to normal activities.

To manage Dry Eye Disease long term, just a few sessions (1 to 4, depending on severity) at different intervals (5 to 10 days) are needed, ultimately achieving an optimal result.

A technology
Like no other.

Patients can enjoy the unique benefits of Espansione technology.

  • ①It’s fast—a treatment lasts 15’
  • ②It’s painless—almost relaxing
  • ③It grants immediate relief
  • ④It’s easy and safe
Get your quality of life back!
Share this page with your doctor and tell him about Espansione Group technology, if he doesn't use it already!

Dry eye diagnosis should always be made by the specialist with reliable tests. You should avoid thus avoid self-diagnosis and self-treatment with over the counter drugs. If you fall in the 85% of Meibomian Glands Dysfunction-induced Dry Eye Disease, ask your doctor to get Espansione Group’s Light Modulation® LLLT treatment, or get in touch with us know where to find one!

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