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Portable. Powerful.
Light Therapy.


We developed my-mask® with convenience in mind.
Miniaturizing our Light Modulation® LLLT technology into such a portable, small package was a challenge we faced with the intention of providing operators and patients with a convenient yet powerful solution to benefit from light-based therapy wherever they feel like.

What are the benefits?

Built with the same, iconic industrial design of other Espansione solutions, my-mask® is powered by photobiomodulation technology enabling patients and operators to benefit from everything Red Light Modulation® Low Level Light Therapy (LM® LLLT) has to offer.
The main difference with other solutions lies in my-mask®’s extremely lightweight, portable form factor. We developed this innovation to deliver the power of our Red Light Modulation® LLLT treatment to patients in the comfort of their home—or wherever they feel like.

my-mask® is an extremely lightweight, portable and convenient solution. Both the device’s body and the mask terminal have been designed to grant patients with the greatest comfort in administering (or self-administering) our light-based therapy (Light Modulation® LLLT).

my-mask® enables a full therapy, covering both lower and upper eyelids, to grant maximum efficacy in treating Dry Eye Disease (DED) induced by Meibomian Glands Dysfunction (MGD) and other ocular surface conditions.

my-mask® and LM® LLLT provide patients with an entirely painless therapy. Near-infrared light is emitted on the skin at a medically-certified wavelength, generating endogenous heating by stimulating cells’ ATP production.

For patients, this means immediate relief just after the 15’ therapy—for operators, it means delivering greater value to patients, with much less effort.

About LM® LLLT

About LM® LLLT

Our patented photobiomodulation technology (PBT) isn’t just like any other red light therapy. We patented and certified it for medical use, designing it to leverage near-infrared light beams that solicit cells’ mitochondria, triggering biochemical and biophysical reactions that stimulate them to a better protein synthesis. Thanks to this process of endogenous heating, the tear lipid layer is increased and stabilized.

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