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01 | 02 | 2023

Espansione Group Announces the Appointment of a New Management Team


Bologna, Italy — February 1st 2023

Effective from January 1st, after over 40 years of dedicated work to create and develop Espansione Group’s ecosystem of technologies and solutions, alongside our global presence, Rodolfo Pomar and Morena Gomedi, the company’s founders, will retire from their day to day operative roles.    

The company’s vision will be carried out in continuity by the management team that joined the company last year and has been working on an ambitious business plan ever since. The new leadership, who has entered the company’s capital through the acquisition of a majority stake in November 2021, will see Alessandro Fier stepping up as CEO and President, Luca Trimigno as Chief Corporate Development Officer, and Matteo Corbellino as Chief Marketing and Innovation Officer. Mr. Fier, Mr. Trimigno and Mr. Corbellino will all preserve their roles within the Board of Directors as Executive Members.     

Mr. Pomar will step down from his roles of President and CEO, while Mrs. Gomedi will step down from her role of Head of Scientific Management. They will maintain a place on the company’s Board of Directors as Non-executive Members, to provide continuity. Mr. Pomar and Mrs. Gomedi will also preserve a minority stake in the company.   

Espansione Group is today at its highest point when it comes to both reach, resonance, and adoption of its technologies. With a unique pipeline of product innovations and renewed ambitions for global leadership in the dry eye market and beyond, the new leadership is looking forward to carrying out its long-term ambition, with increased investments in all company areas and strengthened ties with its partners.    

The year that just started will see the Group getting closer to its partners worldwide, with renewed trust and a solid congress presence in all continents, establishing new paradigms in ophthalmology and beyond.   

Science Onward


Espansione Group is an established player in the medtech industry. Every day, the company invests heavily in researching and developing   the Espansione Ecosystem of technologies and solutions to achieve its ambition: establishing new paradigms in ophthalmology   and beyond, driven by its desire to provide its partners and their patients with the best, certified medical technologies.    

Present in over 50 countries, Espansione Group aims to continue its strong growth in the years to come,   relentlessly focusing its efforts on research, development, and customer excellence.

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