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Demodex is the most common ectoparasite found in human skin. It lives in the follicles of some people's eyelashes, and can be directly associated with different eye pathologies such as rosacea, chalazion, stye or chronic blepharitis (related in many cases to dry eye disease).

Routine examination through the use of a slit lamp does not allow a clear detection of the Demodex, causing the patient to not receive a clear diagnosis on numerous occasions and as a consequence an ineffective treatment.

That’s why we developed me-check®’s view-dex® technology to effectively screen for demodex.

Through the use of me-check® view-dex® we can develop an accurate diagnosis by being able to directly see the presence of the demodex mite in the patient's eyelashes. Through a high-definition microscope, view-dex allows operators to detect, photograph and show the patient the presence of demodex in the eyelashes. Finally, the LM® LLLT technology enables us to treat the patient painlessly and effectively as it allows the complete elimination of demodex.

Suggested Protocol

High thermal impact and therefore IPL is not to be used.

The recommended treatment consists of a combined Light Modulation® LLLT therapy employing both our Red and Blue wavelength technology. Blue light stimulates porphyrins and creates an anti-bacterial action, while Red light stimulates ATP production by increasing and improving cellular activity, reducing inflammation and oedema.


Single usage
Joint usage
Pathology Technology Suggested Protocol
> No. Treatments > Frequency (Days Apart)
Pathology> Demodex Technology OPE® IPL LM® LLLT
Blue > Red
Suggested Protocol > No. Treatments 4 to 5 > Frequency (Days Apart) 5 to 10
Not all treatments can be applied in all countries.

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