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Blepharoplasty consists of an eyelid surgery with the aim of reducing excess skin and orbital fat around the eyelids, which can make the eye look older and even reduce vision.

One of the most frequent postoperative complications of this surgery is dry eye, especially if the patient experienced dry eye symptoms before.

Suggested Protocol

High thermal impact and therefore IPL is not to be used.

The recommended treatment consists of a combined Light Modulation® LLLT therapy employing both our Red and Yellow wavelength technology.

Yellow light has a specific action on the lymphatic system and stimulating cell metabolism promotes a detoxifying action to alleviate swelling and post-intervention oedema.
Red light on another hand accelerates and optimizes the eyelid surgical wound healing process by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin: it is absorbed by mitochondria and stimulates ATP by increasing and improving cellular activity.


Single usage
Joint usage
Pathology Technology Suggested Protocol
> No. Treatments > Frequency (Days Apart)
Pathology> Post-blepharoplasty Technology OPE® IPL LM® LLLT
Red > Yellow
Suggested Protocol > No. Treatments 2 > Frequency (Days Apart) 1x Immediately Post-Surgery
1x 4 to 7 Post-Surgery
Not all treatments can be applied in all countries.

Scientific Coverage

Hôpital Edouard Herriot (Lyon, France), Université Claude Bernard Lyon, (Lyon, France) and the Tissue Engineering and Stem Cell Group at Singapore Eye Research Institute (Singapore) have published a piece of research concerning post-blepharoplasty treatment—download the presentation here.

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